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Once upon a time there was a joyful little princess named Zuzia. She loved playing her small toy car and jumping on the bed. Everyday she filled her home and her parents’ hearts with joy, laughter and happiness. However, as usual in fairytales, there must be something evil, something lurking in the dark. One day the princess began to feel pain in her tummy. Together with her parents, she visited many medics, but none of them knew what was the root cause or a remedy for the growing pain. Finally, they came to a place where, using a magical ultrasound machine, they could see the interior of the girl’s belly. And so the terrible truth was discovered – a terrible monster lived inside the girl.

 The parents immediately took the princess to hospital, which since then has been her new home. The medics gave the monster the name of “IV grade neuroblastoma cancer” and warned the parents that the monster might not work alone. ‘You have to hurry’ – they were saying – ‘these reptiles are able to multiply rapidly, their eggs are already visible in the princess’s lungs.’ The medics prepared various types of chemical potions for Zuzia to support her in the devastating battle with the monster. Some of the potions had to be so strong, that they were also poisonous to the princess herself. She has been so exhausted now that she hasn’t had the strength to eat or walk for days. But she still keeps fighting bravely for her life.

Everyone in the hospital has been working hard and trying to help the princess. In the final battle, however, she will need help. her parents have been looking for knights and warriors who would help our princess win the fight for life with the merciless attacker.

We believe that somewhere there are heroes who fight and win monsters, and now it’s the opportunity for you to become one of them. Any contribution, even the smallest one, matters and will help to save this life. Help us make this story a happy ending and our princess win this brutal war.


The current struggles of the princess You can check here:ć-Królewnę-Zuzię-2349391558672613/


You can help Zuzia by making payments on the account:

Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom i Osobom Chorym Kawałek Nieba


swift code: WBKPPLPP

Santander Bank

Title: “2197 Help for Zuzia Rzepa”


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Kawałek nieba jest w każdym uśmiechu,
W każdym życzliwym słowie,
I przyjaznym geście,
W każdym pomocnym czynie.
Kawałek raju jest w każdym sercu,
Które stanowi zbawienny port dla nieszczęśliwego.
W każdym domu z chlebem, winem i serdecznym ciepłem.
Bóg włożył swoją miłość w twoje ręce,
Jak klucz do raju.

Phil Bosmans

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