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For hungry children

Providing meals for the poorest children

4026091_sExamples of our help:

– We fund meals for children from country and municipal schools in which the problem of hunger and poverty is particularly severe. Currently we are covering meals for children from several schools. One of them is a school in Wojtkówka – read the letter from the director of the school. We know that Subcarpathian Voivodeship is one of the poorest in Poland;

– Newly we have also started helping children from another school – Primary School in Śmiardowo Złotowskie. The director of the school wrote to us because she sees that many children come to school hungry. This is a school attended by children from the nearby villages, often from far away. There recently 2 large workplaces has been closed, and many people are out of work. It is very difficult situation, and the kids are often hungry. We have also helped to finance a Christmas party for children at the school;

– We finance meals for sick and disabled children enrolled in the Special Educational Centre in Leśnica – read the letter;

– We also give meals for the most vulnerable children in a Kindergarten and a school in Siemianowice;

– Other schools, where due to the extremely difficult situation of children’s, we finance meals are: primary school in Gniewkowo, primary school in Wrzesc, primary school in Wlynkowek;

– We provide food parcels and what is the most necessary for many of the neediest children (we get information about the needs of children from social workers and guardians who know which children are the most vulnerable and what they miss).

We also help children who lost parent or whose parents are seriously ill. Very often we help children suffering from domestic violence.

Some children live in such difficult conditions that they virtually need everything … medicines, diapers, milk, food …

These activities for children are carried out within the action “Emergency Service for Children,” in which through family curators, social welfare workers and priests we learn about the fate of the neediest children and we try to help them.

Other activities:

– helping in treatment of children –  read more

– We bought shoes, jackets, school supplies, backpacks and other necessities for children from particularly poor families;

– We gave a couch for a boy from a poor family, who being 11 year-old slept in one bed with a very sick mother, because they could not afford a second bed;

– To give a little smile for the poorest children we prepared many packages with gifts which we gave them at Christmas and Easter;

These and other children need constant assistance.

When we go with parcels of food, we see great poverty among children …

Kate, Peter, Ola and Cristopher and other children are waiting for help …

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