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Brother Maciej is a Capuchin and a missioner in the Central African Republic. He doesn’t only administer sacraments in the distant villages or build chapels but also fights for life and health of the newborn babies. The emergency pediatric service in Ngaoundaye exists and functions only thanks to the meds bought with money from donors by brother Maciej.

But that isn’t the only need. The operating theatre and the entire hospital need to be renovated. The purchase of medical equipment is also urgently needed. Because of the lack of incubators, newborns in hypothermia are warmed by brother Maciej with his own body.

A message from brother Maciej:

Today, at about 8 a.m. I was called to the hospital to help a woman who was delivering a baby. It turned out that the caesarean had to be carried out. At about 9 a.m.a little boy was born. We didn’t give him much chance to survive. Before the operation the heart rate of the fetus wasn’t audible. During the operation we discovered that the baby had an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. He did not give any signs of life. After cutting the umbilical cord and prolonged resuscitation he started to breathe.

When we finished with his mother, I took more care of the baby. He got the medication he needed, but he was still bad.
At 2 p.m. I got a call from the hospital saying there’s no way to determine the temperature – hypothermia. We wrapped him in an extra blanket with hot water bottles and additionally with IRC foil.
I baptized him, his name is Merveille de Dieu Mathias, the Miracle of God Maciej. God’s Miracle – because it’s a miracle that he’s alive. Maciej, it’s clear that it’s after me 🙂

The heating didn’t go well, so I came up with an idea that my body would work like an incubator. So, a baby on my belly, we wrapped him in foil and warmed him up. It worked, and if he survives the night, he should be fine. Keep your fingers crossed and pray, whatever you want. And since I’m not ashamed of begging, I ask you straightforward.
There are people with money on FB, maybe owners of companies with medical equipment. Big and small presidents. You have a chance to do something good. Let’s do it!

Medical equipment that is urgently needed:
– incubator
– oxygen concentrator
– defibrillator with monitor
– ultrasound camera
– x-ray camera.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I also know that everything is possible. There are many people who are looking for a specific goal, so here we are. Specifics. Get to work, because I can’t heat all the kids by myself.


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