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My name is Natalia, but for everyone I am Natusia, Natulka or Natka. For mother, father and sister I am a Kitty and I speak about myself Nana. I was born in March 2017, from a small age I was a health specimen and I had a smile on my face that spread to people around me. What I like the most are cats, Paw Patrol and playing with my older sister Dominika – for me Dodo.

Unfortunately, having less than three years old, fate decided to put me to a terrible trial. With no symptoms except the enlarged lymph nodes on the neck, in November 2019 I was diagnosed with one of the most malignant childhood cancers. My parents heard then that it is neuroblastoma, the highest IV stage – neck tumor with lymph node metastases, bone marrow and virtually all bones.

From mid-November, the hospital, for me and my mother, is our second “home”. Over the next few months, in our real home, we will be like guests who visit sometimes … Dad travels to me 400 km one way and I don’t know when I will see my sister …

I am still very small, I call myself tiny. Still, I want to fight, I want to play with my sister again, I want everyone to laugh around me, just like till the day I went to the hospital. Mum says we’ll be here for a long time and I have to be brave, “tiny but brave” to deal with cancer for good. Unfortunately, it may not work without your help. Combined treatment awaits me, which consists of:
high-intensity chemotherapy over time, – surgery to remove the primary tumor,
– bone marrow transplant,
– radiotherapy of the place where the primary tumor was located.

The final stage will be costly anti-GD2 immunotherapy, which is not refundable and we will need almost one million zlotys for it. It aims to destroy the remaining neuroblastoma cells and increase the chance of recovery. Unfortunately, after the treatment is over, I will always undergo systematic check-ups and there will always be uncertainty as to whether the disease has returned. Unfortunately, neuroblastoma likes to come back …

My path to health will be expensive and long, it can also have a lot of turns, but I want to go through it victorious. However, my smile is not enough to defeat the enemy like neuroblastoma. That is why I am asking you with all my heart for help, that I may come back home healthy.


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