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On Children’s Day we conceived our baby daughter … And at Christmas they wanted to take her away from us …

Beauty born in pain

Marcelinka was punctual from the first day. She was born on the planned date. Unfortunately, she swallowed fetal waters because of long childbirth and immediately was in the ICU. Fortunately, after a week, thanks to the excellent work of all doctors and nurses she was healthy and at home. Or so we thought.

Unwanted gift on birthday

7th October is the day of my birthday. Marcelina had 8 months. Family who came to us couldn’t take eyes from her. My brother’s wife watched so closely that she noticed “something strange in Marcelina’s eye”. Some flash… I am very grateful for this observation. We immediately went to doctor, but … he couldn’t notice it. He said that perhaps this eye is not yet fully developed, because she is a little child. Anxiety disappeared, but we decided to pay attention to the eye.

Nightmare after Christmas

After Christmas – remembering the “twinkle in the eye” – we took Marcelina for ophthalmological control. What we heard knocked us out of legs: MALICIOUS EYE CANCER (RETINOBLASTOMA)! Therapy in Poland? – removal of the eyeball! Our child will lose an eye! Two doctors gave the same diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. We cried in horror and disbelief among a lot of people standing in the waiting room. Then we decided that we will not give up so easily. We will get to know the enemy and we will fight for our daughter’s vision.


Hospital suffering

For Marcelina the insertion of needle – cannula – into vein in her little hand was the worst thing. Unfortunately, in the first hand it failed, she had to struggle herself with the second one with three nurses who held her motionless and her daddy who tried to calm his child. She screams, fights, doesn’t give up. This force it is good, but just not right in that moment. Then Marcelina must lie still for seven hours, bedridden, and in her veins are poured first chemotherapy drugs. And so on for six cycles …

The light in the tunnel – Marcelina does not have to lose her eye

Of all newborn babies in Poland, 20 in one year become ill with retinoblastoma – malignant cancer of eye. It’s not much, if you look at the percentages and awfully lot if you look at the amount of parent’s suffering. A small number of cases in Poland means that there is no effective therapy developed that guarantees 100% cure from the cancer. But in the whole World scale it is different.

There is a clinic, the only one in the World which has experience and great results. Five children from Poland went there for treatment – all cured. So there is a chance that Marcelina will not lose an eye. How big? It depends on us, but also on you.

The clinic is in New York and the cost of the operation is … 350,000 $. This amount spends us awake at night, but we believe that it manages to collect. This worked several times in Poland. We contacted already with parents who did it. We have a plan and implement it step by step. Wings give us the fact that Marcelina can be 100% cured. We will do it.


Why do we want to treat Marcelinka in the US?

It is a rare disease. In Poland we have many doctors with passion, but they do not meet often this type of cancer. Only recently Polish doctors learn how to carry out more effective treatment. With great hope we are seeing their progress. But we have little time, because the tumor grows. Therefore, if it is possible, we want Marcelina fell under the care of doctors with great experience and effects, and it is guaranteed by the clinic in the United States. We’ll do it, right?

How can you help Marcelina?

Prosaically. Two ways.

  • Donate although small sum. Really, the amount does not count, but the time – every day of delay is expanding cancer and a greater loss of vision. If we wait too long Marcelina is in danger of losing an eye, blindness and even death. I do not want to think about it.
  • Share this site with as many people with good heart as possible. The more people know, the faster Marcelina will get rid of this terrible disease.

Thank you for your time. We fight together.

Mom and Dad of Marcelina

You can help Marcelina by a donation on account:Marcelinka1

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