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A Piece of heaven is in every smile,

In every kind word,

And friendly gesture,

In every helpful act.

A piece of heaven is in every heart,

Which is the salutary harbor for unfortunate.

In every home with bread, wine and heartfelt warmth.

The God put His love in Your heands,

As a key to heaven.

                                   — Phil Bosmans



       Before the Foundation was formed, as students we tried to help children by organizing charity events at the Gdansk University of Technology. Since 2003, usually during Christmas and Child's Days fund-raisers have been organized among the students and university staff.dziecko z jabłkiem

We have helped many children from orphanages and educational centres and children from poor families identified by social assistance centres.

From family curators, educators and caregivers we have learned what most children miss and with money collected we bought them food, shoes, underwear, clothing, bedding, school supplies, blankets for the orphanages in which there were difficulties with heating and also beds, gas stove, and other most needed things for families that were not able to afford it .

We helped children of the following centers:

  • Orphanage in Tczew
  • Orphanage in Orunia                                        
  • Children's Home "On Slope" in Malbork
  • Orphanage in Oliwa
  • Orphanage in Kartuzy
  • Orphanage in Kościerzyna
  • Orphanage in Gdynia "Demptowo"
  • Special School in Hajnówka
  • School of Education Primary and Lower Secondary No. 29 in the Specialist Health Care Plant of Mother and Child in Gdansk
  • Salesian Educative Centre "Our Home" in Rumia
  • Educational Centre “Grandfather Lisiecki” in Rumia
  • Children indicated by Municipal Social Assistance Center in Gdynia
  • Children indicated by Municipal Social Assistance Center in Rumia

 The history and details of the activities can be found at:


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